Perspective and future

We offer career opportunities from voluntary service to management positions, further development across all areas and the best professional training programmes for every career path.

Your future

We offer you many opportunities for your professional and personal development:

  • Advancement from the Bethel year (voluntary service) to management positions
  • Switch between fields of work
  • In medicine and care, education, training and counselling
  • In leisure activities, art and culture
  • In trades, catering, logistics and service
  • In administration, technology, IT and management

All this with secure jobs - the best prospects for your future!

"I'm totally happy here. They look at your strengths, resources and development opportunities. I've had the opportunity to do systemic training, which I can use here in my work with families."
Nüket, 36 | Social worker in a weekday group, Bethel.regional
"After graduating from secondary school in Bethel, it was clear to me that I wanted to do a Bethel year. After a few positions outside Bethel, I now work in central HR. I wouldn't have expected that back then."
Sonja Schroeder, 31 | Strategy Development Officer, Human Resources Department
"I immediately felt welcome and the head of the centre gave me the impression that I could come to her with anything. I'm definitely looking forward to training with you, that's for sure."
Leon-Maxim Rebenstock, 20 | Trainee in geriatric nursing, Hoffnungstaler Foundation Lobetal

Best prospects

From care to social work, from integration assistance to public relations. From north to south or west to east, we work in eight federal states, in large cities and conurbations, in medium-sized towns and rural areas, on the coast or in the mountains, with suitable professional activities for different life situations (youth, family phase, caring time).

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