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Many donors place their trust in the v. Bodelschwingh Foundation Bethel. This is the only way we can do what we do, and for this we are sincerely grateful!

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Advertising and administrative costs

Donations should benefit the people we support in such a way that their quality of life and living conditions are noticeably improved. In terms of donations, the principles of effectiveness and efficiency apply to our work.

It goes without saying that the majority of donations go towards Bethel's projects. That being said, as an aid organisation, we also incur advertising and administration costs, for which we factor in a certain percentage – without doing so, we simply could not do our work. In 2022, Bethel's advertising and administration costs amounted to 9.6%. These reference figures are based on donations, bequests and endowments received in 2022.

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Bethel is a member of the German Donations Council

We greatly value the trust our donors place in us – this is why we communicate openly about how we handle and use donations. As a founding member of the German Donations Council, we subscribe to its principles of transparency and ethics, and promise that your donations are in good hands with us.

Bethel has been awarded the German Donations Council's donation certificate. The award is preceded by a thorough audit by external auditors. Before being granted the award, external auditors must conduct a detailed audit. The certificate is only granted if they certify that all donations, bequests and fees are used for the intended purpose, economically and sparingly. By applying the principles behind this certificate, the v. Bodelschwingh Foundation Bethel confirms – to the best of its knowledge and beliefs – that donations are handled properly, responsibly and on a trust basis. They will continue to observe and comply with the statutes, principles and annexes, and the voluntary commitment set out by the German Donations Council.

You can read the German Donations Council's principles here:

Principles of the German Donations Council e.V.

You can find the German Donations Council's declaration of commitment here:

Declaration of Commitment of the German Donations Council e.V.

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