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Corporate donations and cooperation

Helping as a company

Making a sustainable social commitment is a matter close to the heart for many companies. Bethel offers them a wide range of support options for social projects.

Economic sustainability and responsibility are not only reflected in the way you manage your company, but also in where you lead it: Namely towards a future in which community and charity take centre stage. Companies that assume social responsibility prove themselves to be value-orientated, reliable and trustworthy partners, both for their customers and employees alike.

Social commitment for companies

Supporting the v. Bodelschwingh Foundation Bethel is a win-win for every company and radiates positivity, both internally and externally. Whether you are a regional craft business or a global player, your support makes a big difference to people who are disabled, ill or socially disadvantaged. As a company, you can specifically support one of our aid projects. We can discuss the exact nature of the aid in person and on an individual basis.

But it's not just Bethel that is happy to receive help. Companies that have cooperated with us often benefit from an improved public image and corporate culture, too. We would be happy to talk to you about how we can publicise your commitment.

Donate as a company

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There are many ways in which companies can support Bethel.

Company donation

With a generous individual donation or a regular sponsorship amount, you can help us to support disadvantaged people.

Customer and employee commitment

Use the high profile of the v. Bodelschwingh Foundation Bethel to organise a fundraiser for your company. When marking festive occasions such as company anniversaries or holidays in particular, your company will attract attention and strengthen the sense of community.

Let your creativity run wild: Whether it's a charity run, a benefit campaign, introducing social days and corporate volunteering, or establishing match funding, we would be happy to help you plan your fundraising campaign and provide you with the necessary materials.

Sponsoring & cause-related marketing

Use cause-related marketing to link your company's success with your social commitment! By pledging an appropriate donation amount to Bethel for each product sold, you can strengthen your image, increase your sales figures and support Bethel without any financial risk.

Donations instead of gifts

By foregoing gifts at anniversaries or at Christmas, you can publicise your social commitment while supporting very special Bethel projects. You can use our flyers to inform your business partners and customers about how your donation is used.

Download our flyer: Flyer "Donations instead of gifts"

Corporate partners about Bethel

Gref-Völsings Rindswurst GmbH
"For us, it's almost a family tradition to support Bethel."
Gref-Völsings Rindswurst GmbH | from Frankfurt

"Even as a child, I collected stamps and sent them to Bethel with my grandmother. Today, I'm glad that we can regularly send a donation in addition to the stamps. In this way, I can make a small contribution both privately and with my company to support the wonderful people and the valuable work there."

Gref-Völsings Rindswurst GmbH from Frankfurt
"Helpfulness and responsibility – these are two of the corporate values that guide our thoughts and actions in our day-to-day business."
Engineering consortium igk Krabbe GmbH & Co. KG | from Osnabrück

"For decades, our donations to Bethel have been an important part of our business, which is now being run by third-generation family members. In our opinion, our contribution should not be limited to the purely economic level, but should also benefit all those in our society who urgently need help. Bethel provides this help to people in need in an exemplary manner, so we are therefore very happy to continue supporting the v. Bodelschwingh Foundation Bethel."

Engineering consortium igk Krabbe GmbH & Co KG from Osnabrück
"Hörmann has long since felt a connection to the facilities in Bethel."
Hörmann KG | from Steinhagen

"We want to facilitate encounters and help people with illnesses and disabilities to realise self-determined social participation, such as by playing golf. As an individual sport, golf is particularly suitable for people with a mental impairment and can help to improve motor skills."

Hörmann KG from Steinhagen
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Sustainable donation organisation

In 2023, the v. Bodelschwingh Foundation Bethel once again received a donation certificate from the German Donations Council. As a member of the Donations Council, we have also set ourselves the goal of upholding and promoting ethical principles in the donation sector in Germany.

The donation certificate is awarded once a detailed audit of the respective organisation has been completed by external auditors. The certificate is only granted if they certify that the donations, bequests and fees have been used for the intended purpose, economically and sparingly. Our advertising and administration costs amounted to 9.6% in 2022.

By applying the principles behind this certificate, the v. Bodelschwingh Foundation Bethel confirms – to the best of its knowledge and beliefs – that donations are handled properly, responsibly and on a trust basis.

Examples of corporate donations

Kinder spielen Klavier im Projekt "Meine Zeit"

Alois Künstler GmbH

€300 for piano lessons

Bethel provides well-trained assistants so that disabled people can participate in society. The "My Time" donation project enables them to make use of additional support from freelance staff. They decide for themselves how they prefer to use their assistance.

Thanks to a donation from Alois Künstler GmbH totalling €300, we were able to provide a Bethel resident with therapeutic piano lessons as part of the "My Time" project.

Junge aus Kinderhospiz streichelt Pferd

Maas Naturwaren GmbH

€5,000 for riding therapy

At Bethel, therapeutic riding covers three distinct areas. Firstly, riding therapy with horses supports the personal development of people with disabilities and/or emotional and social problems. Secondly, equine therapy is medically prescribed physiotherapy on horseback for people with neurological disorders, such as postural and coordination problems. Lastly, horse riding can be used as a leisure activity and sport for people with disabilities.

Kinder schaukeln im Außengelände der WG Drentwede

EWE fittings

€10,000 for garden play equipment

Wilhelm Ewe GmbH & Co KG has donated €10,000 for play equipment in the outdoor area of the WG Drentwede, Bethel im Norden, near Diepholz.

The Braunschweig-based fittings manufacturer has been supporting Bethel with generous donations on a regular basis for 10 years. The donation of €10,000 was used to purchase a double swing, a climbing frame with a climbing bridge, and two slides for different age groups, as well as a mud kitchen for the outdoor area. Everything was surrounded by sand that acts as fall protection but also serves as a large sandpit.

The donated play equipment will make the garden more attractive for the children and encourage them to exercise more in the fresh air. Among other things, this promotes their motor skills and improves the sense of community within the group.

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