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Charitable estate

Using your will for the greater good

Many people wish to do good beyond their own lifetime and include a charitable organisation such as the Bethel Foundation in their will in order to help disadvantaged people.

A will for Bethel

Give the gift of quality of life, opportunities and care for a long time to come. We are aware of the full extent of our responsibility as beneficiary and will take care of your necessary affairs attentively with respect for your wishes. We are happy to organise

  • grave maintenance
  • house clearances
  • property sales

Since the Bethel Foundation is a charitable organisation, it is exempt from paying inheritance tax. This means that every bequest in your will benefits the disabled people at Bethel, without restriction.

Pastor Ulrich Pohl
It is a good thing to give helping hands what your own hands have worked for but can no longer use. This gives hope and courage to people who are unable to cope with life's long journey alone.
Pastor Ulrich Pohl | Chairman of the Board, v. Bodelschwinghsche Stiftungen Bethel

Making provisions in 40 minutes

Have you got a little time? In our film "Good provision – impulses from Bethel", we answer questions on the topics of living wills, powers of attorney and wills.

View individual topics

Short on time? Here you will find each thematic section of the film as a separate video.

To the film "Good provision – impulses from Bethel"

Your guide to getting older

162 pages packed with information on vitality, well-being and prevention in the third stage of life.
Your guide to getting older

Our wills brochure

Would you like to include Bethel in your will but are unsure how to formulate your wishes correctly in your estate?
Our wills brochure

Your contacts for making a donation in your will

Pastor Ulrich Pohl

Head of the v. Bodelschwingh Foundation Bethel

Postfach 13 02 49
33545 Bielefeld

Contact for estate matters

0521 144-4777


Arrange a video call with Bethel

How a video call with Bethel works

There may be topics and questions that you would prefer to discuss in person so that you can put a face to a name. We therefore offer you the opportunity to speak to us personally from home via video call from Mondays to Fridays.

1. Request an appointment
Call +49 521 144-4777 to arrange your desired appointment.

2. Receive a confirmation email
You will then receive an email from us with the agreed appointment and a link to the video call.

3. Get to know Bethel in person
You will need a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone with a camera and a stable internet connection for the video call. Enjoy the call!