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For fine allocators

Donating fines to Bethel

Many people find qualified help through Bethel. Around 230,000 sick, disabled and socially disadvantaged men, women and children receive individual support.

At a glance

Bethel is an open place of community where people in need of care and support live and work. The allocation of fines helps to make this possible. Judges and public prosecutors have been able to rely on this for many years:

  • 100% of allocated fines go to people in need of help
  • You will be informed promptly about the receipt or non-receipt of payments
  • The funds are recognised separately from the donations
  • No donation receipts are issued for fines
  • We will report to you annually on the use of the fines

Unless you request otherwise, we will use the allocated fines received for the Bethel Children's and Youth Hospice. You can find information on our other areas of support here: Projects and areas of support

The v. Bodelschwingh Foundation Bethel is included in the list of organisations entitled to receive allocated fines. Naturally, we do not issue donation receipts for fines.

Your contact for allocating fines

Waltraud Senfft

Donations and bequests department

0521 144-5117


Account details for fines

Bethel Foundation
Purpose: File number, name, place

Volksbank Bielefeld-Gütersloh eG.
DE44 4786 0125 3519 3130 02