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Individualised support

Your commitment to Bethel

Together with Bethel, you can achieve great things for people who need help. Make a crucial difference now to a project that is particularly close to your heart.

Outstanding commitment

Standing up for one another and helping other people within one's means is one of the most fundamental pillars of our society. Social commitment and philanthropic help can take many forms and reflect individual heartfelt concerns and priorities. Which cause is important to you, where would you like to enact change? What can and would you like to achieve?

Together with Bethel, you can change many things for the better. With over 150 years of experience in charitable aid, we can provide you with many opportunities and ideas on how to organise your philanthropic commitment for the benefit of disadvantaged people.

Donation projects for major aid projects

There is always something for Bethel to do. After all, we have a vision that people can live, learn and work together naturally and positively, embracing their diversity and regardless of their physical and mental abilities. That is why we are looking for committed supporters for our aid projects.

Make a tangible difference to sick, disabled, elderly and socially disadvantaged people: Discover a project now that particularly touches you and that you would like to support. Your personal contact will be happy to advise you on your wishes and ideas so that you can select the perfect aid project together and discuss the details of your individual support.

Your contact for major donations

Here you can find your personal contact person for making an individual donation. Please select the contact under your postcode area.

Postcode area 00000 to 29999

Anja Lengfeld

0521 144-4577


Postcode area 30000 to 39999

Frank Maas

0521 144-3224


Postcode area 40000 to 49999

Christiane Gruel

0521 144-5132


Postcode area 50000-58999

Sylvia Pott

0521 144-6209


Postcode area 59000 to 65999

Nils Böske

0521 144-6218


Postcode area 66000 to 89999

Frank Schulte-Marxcord

0521 144-5324


Postcode area 90000 to 99999

Miriam Höllings

0521 144-4844


Video call your contact person

How a video conference with Bethel works

There may be topics and questions that you would prefer to discuss in person so that you can put a face to a name. We therefore offer you the opportunity to speak to us personally from home via video call from Mondays to Fridays.

1. Request an appointment
Call +49 521 144-4777 and arrange your preferred appointment.

2. Receive a confirmation email
You will then immediately receive an email from us with the agreed appointment and a link to the video call.

3. Get to know Bethel in person
You will need a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone with a camera and a stable internet connection for the video call. Enjoy the call!