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Supporting Bethel in the long term

Helping with an endowment

An endowment to the foundation's assets helps the Bethel Foundation to continue to support disabled, sick or socially disadvantaged people in the future.

Questions and answers

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What is an endowment?

In contrast to a donation, which Bethel uses promptly for the intended project, an endowment is added to the foundation's assets and invested securely. This gradually increases the financial security of our work, because nobody is allowed to touch the foundation's assets; we can only cover our expenses from the interest earned. If the foundation's assets continue to grow, we achieve better returns year after year – and can use them for the good causes of the v. Bodelschwingh Foundation Bethel, exactly where they are urgently needed.

How does an endowment work?

An endowment ensures that we can provide ongoing care for people who need help. It finances this work in the long term and enables Bethel to continue to offer a wide range of assistance in the future.

Who can donate?

Anyone can make an endowment donation. An endowment donation is particularly useful if you would like to make a long-term commitment to the work of the v. Bodelschwingh Foundation Bethel.

How can I make a donation?

By bank transfer or with our online form. When making a bank transfer, simply enter "Endowment" as the payment reference. Use our online donation tool, select "Other purpose" and enter "Endowment" as the message.

What tax benefits are there?

An endowment can be claimed for tax purposes within ten years up to a total amount of one million euros per person. You will receive the corresponding donation receipt. The endowment can be made in the form of cash, securities or real estate.

Who checks the administration of the endowments made to Bethel?

Our work is regularly monitored by an independent auditing company, the Bielefeld-Außenstadt tax office and the supervisory authority for church foundations.

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