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For people with disabilities

Ein junger Mann arbeitet in Bethels Gärtnerei

Where do people want to live? Usually where family and friends are at home. To ensure that this is also possible for people with disabilities, Bethel offers suitable forms of living and care in many places. This includes not only good care, but also making social contacts that make life more enjoyable. Meaningful work is also important: in the Bethel workshops, people with disabilities, but also with mental or social impairments, have a wide choice. Comprehensive medical care has been part of Bethel's mission from the very beginning.

Here you will find an overview of all Bethel offers for people with disabilities. For further information, you will be redirected to the websites of the respective programmes and services.

North Rhine-Westphalia

Employee sawing wood in a workshop.


Labour and vocational rehabilitation in the Bielefeld area
Pupils dance and raise their arms in the air.

Mamre Patmos School

Special school specialising in physical and motor development and mental development in Bielefeld
Mamre Patmos School
Woman looking down from her balcony onto a street.

In der Gemeinde leben

Counselling and support for people with disabilities in the Düsseldorf area
In der Gemeinde leben

Berlin and Brandenburg