Annual donation project

Living until the end

Support for people reaching the end of life

Every moment is precious

Everyone should be able to live with dignity until the end – coupled with moments that bring joy. Not to mention closeness that provides warmth and good pain relief care. This is why Bethel supports people embarking on their final journey, through a network of support for all those who are cared for at home. Inpatient-hospice facilities are also an option, if round-the-clock outpatient care is no longer feasible.

In inpatient hospices, pain and anxiety are alleviated and wishes are fulfilled. After all, every moment is precious. But there are simply not enough places. That is why Bethel is building three more hospices: in the village of Bethel, in Wandlitz and Bad Kösen. This work will cost around 19 million euros, and part of this sum can be financed with our own funds and loans. However, we are urgently seeking further donations totalling around 11 million euros.

Staying safe day and night

A light breeze makes the curtains dance. A bouquet of bright marigolds reminds her of sunny times. Elke Mac Kinnon snuggles up in her bed in Bethel's "Haus Zuversicht" hospice and leafs through a photo album. Holidays in the south. "All was still well with the world then," says the 68-year-old. But in the middle of her holiday, she had to go to hospital. She returned home with heavy baggage: a diagnosis of metastasised lung cancer.

"Here at Bethel, everyone makes time for me. I feel like I'm in good hands."
Elke Mac Kinnon | Elke Mac Kinnon is terminally ill. As she embarks on her final journey, she is staying at the "Haus Zuversicht" inpatient hospice in Bethel.

"But I haven't buried my head in the sand since then!" she says with a laugh, nodding almost defiantly. She has fought cancer with all her might. Even now, as a guest at Bethel's hospice for terminally ill people, she is still courageous. After all, she can still enjoy good days. On those days, the smell of coffee and cake lures her into the cosy kitchen. Friends and family often come to visit. She plays Yahtzee with her granddaughters.

She is happy to have been granted a place. "It's almost like a flat share here. And everyone takes their time – even at night. I feel like I'm in good hands," says Elke Mac Kinnon. There is always someone on hand when she needs morphine. Everyone is experienced in palliative care, thereby alleviating anxiety and pain. And Elke Mac Kinnon wants to live a little longer thanks to this kind of care – before she meets her late husband in heaven.

Inpatient hospices in Bethel

Our new construction projects

Hospice Bad Kösen, Saxony-Anhalt

Hospice Bad Kösen, Saxony-Anhalt

Hospice Haus Zuversicht, Bielefeld

Hospice Haus Zuversicht, Bielefeld

Wandlitz Hospice, Brandenburg

Wandlitz Hospice, Brandenburg

Not being alone at the end

Nobody wants to be alone at the end of their life, and many would like to live in familiar surroundings until the end. This is why Bethel offers to support people through outpatient palliative care. If there are no local friends or relatives who are able to support them to the end, our hospices can help. Staff are on hand day and night to help guests with everything. Bethel's hospices are located in several federal states. But places are limited. Patients and relatives are in need. As such, we are constructing three new buildings that are the focus of our annual donation project: "Living until the end".

In addition to providing palliative care services and hospices, specially trained doctors and countless volunteers are also crucial. Bethel runs courses and further training for them, and for relatives and friends to make it easier to cope with the situation. Pastoral care and bereavement counselling also provide support and reassurance. Bethel wants to be there for people from the beginning to the end of life.

Helping people at the end of life

A young couple in a hospice

No one should be alone on their last journey through life. Please support us to extend our hospice work.

Thank you very much!

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