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People with mental illnesses

Many people lose their way at some point during their lifetime. They are unable to regain their mental balance on their own. People with mental illnesses or addictions will find a differentiated network of psychiatric and psychotherapeutic services available at Bethel. In addition to acute clinics, this also includes residential homes, vocational rehabilitation options, as well as day centres and workshops.

"I'm kept busy here. That's the most important thing. Because boredom is very dangerous for me."
says Christian H. | 56 years old

Caught and understood

With a glass of water in his hand, Christian H. strolls calmly towards the communal kitchen. Two other residents of An der Kirche are already busy peeling Brussels sprouts. The mood is good and everyone is obviously enjoying preparing lunch. Christian H. is also looking forward to the daily programme. Regular and varied activities are an important part of the residential programme for people with chronic mental illness, many of whom also have an addiction.

Christian H. has been living in the Bethel centre in the Ennepe-Ruhr district for six months. The 56-year-old suffers from psychosis. He emphasises that activity is the most important thing for him. "Boredom is very dangerous for me," says Christian H. He receives close support at the centre. "I'm supported here. And if I have problems, someone always has an open ear for me." The close contact and dialogue with other residents also helps him.

Your support for mentally ill people in Bethel

Bethel asks for your support so that mentally ill people can develop a perspective again and lead an independent, anxiety-free life.

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