Arnoldas Lindsius und sein Hund Bodo

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Bodo is the best friend

The green shines brightly. Magpies peck from the tops of the mighty trees and Bodo sniffs enthusiastically through the spa gardens in Unna. Bodo is a friendly pug mix. His owner, Arnoldas Lindsius, takes him for a walk three times a day. They start at a Bethel facility for people with complex disabilities. This is where the 34-year-old man lives and Bodo visits him every weekend.

Bodo waits in the doorway for his master.
Arnoldas Lindsius cuddles with his dog.

On Fridays, when the working week at the workshop for people with disabilities ends, Arnoldas Lindsius makes his way to his parents' house. There he picks up his best friend Bodo. His dog hears exactly when the key turns in the lock and runs happily to the door. Little Bello then stays with Arnoldas Lindsius until Sunday evening. There is a basket with a ball and Bodo's favourite toy in the corner. A thick pillow lies in front of his master's bed. The dog sleeps on it. And fresh water and food are always provided. "Mr Lindsius takes great care of his dog and knows exactly what is good for the animal," says Bethel employee Anastasia Vogel. The curative education nurse is convinced that an animal like this is good for the soul and promotes independence.

Arnoldas Lindsius cuddles lovingly with Bodo.

The favourite treat is liver sausage

"My Bodo!" says the 34-year-old, cuddling his dog. There is so much love in his gaze. The dog gives him support. Bodo is a cure for homesickness. You're never alone with Bodo and you can socialise with him. You meet lots of new people, especially when you go for a walk. The dog is also very welcome in the Bethel facility, but he is not allowed in the kitchen. And he doesn't have to, because his master has locked his favourite treat away in his room. The liver sausage is in the fridge there.

Text: Heike Lepkojis | Photo: Christian Weische

This story simply told

Arnoldas Lindsius is really looking forward to the weekend. Because then he has more time for his best friend. His name is Bodo and he is a dog. Arnoldas Lindsius lives in a Bethel centre in the town of Unna. His pug mongrel is very welcome there. Everyone loves Bodo.

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