Angelika Schneider moderiert eine Sendung im Studio.

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Radio Vielfalt on 94.3 megahertz

Once on the radio, always on the radio - for Angelika Schneider, there is nothing better than sitting at the microphone. She has been actively involved in creating radio programmes for forty years. She started out at Krankenhausfunk Bielefeld. The station no longer exists - but Antenne Bethel, the only inclusive hospital radio station in Germany, does.

The 60-year-old familiarised herself with radio work slowly and somewhat uncertainly at first. Today, Angelika Schneider confidently goes to appointments with the recording equipment and conducts the interviews alone. Her voice can be heard regularly on Antenne Bethel. But she still has a bit of stage fright during live broadcasts, admits the radio veteran.

Antenne Bethel has been broadcasting from the studio in Bielefeld since November 2000. Anyone and everyone can take part - whether young or old, disabled or able-bodied, student or professional. Everyone has equal rights and makes radio together in their free time. This includes moderation and editing as well as technology. Two Betheljahr participants support the team of around 30 people in creating the programme.

Angelika Schneider plans the current programme with a colleague.
"Having the opportunity to moderate and contribute as a person with a disability is just great!"
Angelika Schneider

Hand in Hand is a one-hour magazine programme with exciting stories from the towns of Bethel and Eckardtsheim. It is broadcast on weekdays at 6 pm and repeated the following day at 1 pm. In addition, church services and special events are broadcast live by the Bethel radio producers. They reach up to 15,000 listeners.

If Angelika Schneider had her way, Antenne Bethel could go on like this forever. "I'll keep doing radio as long as I can stand upright," says the former employee of the Bethel Brocken collection. For her, Antenne Bethel is not just a nice hobby, but a place where she meets friends. "Antenne Bethel is a part of me," she says - you can tell when the red light in the studio goes on and she greets the listeners: "94.3 megahertz, this is Antenne Bethel."

Antenne Bethel can also be listened to via the internet. The live stream is available at

Text: Elena Sandbothe | Photo: Thomas Richter

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For Angelika Schneider, there is nothing better than working in radio. She has been a volunteer at Antenne Bethel for many years. At the inclusive radio station, people with and without disabilities create a daily radio programme for the towns of Bethel and Eckardtsheim. Everyone does what they do best.

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Antenne Bethel is a non-commercial, integrative radio station where people with and without disabilities work together on a voluntary basis. In the areas of editing, reporting, presenting or technology, everyone has the opportunity to become active and learn according to their interests and abilities.

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